About Us

National Association of Pakistani Entrepreneurs has an aim to help entrepreneurs flourish and my main target is to help all entrepreneurs. Currently there are a small number of support organisations available who only focus on the technology sector but there is much more that people can do to help Pakistani entrepreneurs. National Association of Pakistani Entrepreneurs will not target one specific sector we will work with a wide range of entrepreneurs from textile, food and many more that will help shape the economy.

Vision, Mission and Values


To be recognised for an innovative  and entrepreneurial approach in supporting the population of Pakistan and creating and realising life-changing opportunities.


To create the best possible environment for entrepreneurs which is diverse and inclusive, led by learning, research and networking.


Excellence, Innovation, Creativity and Respect

Our Fantastic Team

Hassan Waqar
Founder and CEO
London, United Kingdom
Nermeen Khan
Shehrose Mahmood
London, United Kingdom

Join Our Team

We are always looking for individuals with:
  • Drive. The drive to be successful in a sometimes challenging and complex environment.
  • Ambition. Ambition to be more than you are.
  • Open mindedness. Always open to new ideas and new ways of thinking and working.
  • Entrepreneurial nature. Without being entrepreneurial, you can’t succeed in driving change.
  • Hard Working. Working hard and doing whatever it takes to make the client successful.
If you’re interested in being a part of our team, please get in touch.