Welcome from the Founder, Hassan

I am delighted to be the founder of National Association of Pakistani Entrepreneurs with an aim to help develop the Pakistani economy. We see negative images of Pakistan across all various channels including the media and the true and blessed image does not show.

I consider myself blessed to be a Pakistani and although I was not born in Pakistan, I spent 2 years in Pakistan and the love and connection was born. Pakistan is a country with many talents from our youths to our elderly however, we don’t seem to appreciate it and actually make use of this talent.

NAPE started with one mission, and that is to help our entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I developed a genuine interest in business and entrepreneurship when I started working while my friends were out playing and enjoying life at the tender age of 16 in McDonald’s. From then on something kicked in about entrepreneurship and I have worked in entrepreneurship in various ways to which include leading the Entrepreneurship in Kingston University and actually starting my own business.

With the support of my fantastic team who are very valued in NAPE to the external organisations I am connecting with it is them who make this dream a reality.

NAPE challenges everyone to elevate their aspirations and shape their own futures. Let’s join forces and make a better Pakistan.

Hassan Signature